Help is Out There – You are Not Alone

Families with young children are feeling the pinch as much as anyone right now as the credit crunch bites deeper and we all have to tighten our belts a little further. Of course this is easier said than done when you have little ones who cannot understand why mum and dad can’t taken them on holiday this year, or why the latest toy is out of their reach. Unfortunately there are no easy answers, which is why a growing percentage of UK families are now in debt.

In its simplest terms, debt is accrued when outgoings are greater than the amount coming in: a common condition if a family has been used to having two wages and suddenly becomes reduced to one with little or no warning. When this happens, any amount of savings will quickly go on plugging the gap, and when the savings are gone then it is all too easy to find yourself in debt.

Debt is stressful and extremely worrying, especially for parents with a young family. Fortunately there are many reputable debt management companies who specialise in supporting families in debt. A good debt advisory service will have on board both debt consolidation experts as well as IVA advisors (also known as a Trust Deed) who will analyse your financial situation and your level of debt before finding the best way for you and your family to become debt free.

Don’t think that debt management companies are only for people who owe vast amounts of money either. Debt management help is available to anyone who is in debt, to a greater or lesser degree. Your specialist debt advisor will take you through the options available to you quickly and with discretion. Your advisor will also act as your representative in dealing with your creditors so that you no longer have to fear the ring of the telephone or the dreadful reminder letters, leaving you to sleep easier at night.

By choosing a good debt advisor you are waving goodbye to stressful debt and saying a big bright hello to becoming debt free.

Online Fun at Office Parties

Have you ever been assigned to take charge of ice breakers or the game time during office parties? Perhaps, you are the type often referred to as “the life of the party” that’s why you often end up with the ice breaker or game time assignments.

It can also be that you are the youngest among the group! Now, I have often heard my older officemates in the past volunteer someone for the part because they are simply young or the youngest in the group. Never mind if they are male or female, the quiet or shy type. The younger people, they say, knows how to play and bring in the fun. Ah, this is not necessarily true.

Well, what would you do if you do get assigned to oversee or facilitate games during an office party? You can always ask ideas from friends. You can also go online and look for game ideas.

Now, how about a bing0 game? Or how about doing a bing0 game online together? Do you think that would be possible? I haven’t tried it yet but I am curious to do so. Others have said that it can work out well. You just need to set up some computers for the group to use. I think this is quite interesting. For some more ideas on this, you can check out: click here.

I am sure that even if not all your officemates have tried playing online games, they would still be curious to try online bing0 games. I am sure they must have heard about it and yet they may not have had the chance to try their hand on it. So let them try some online fun in your workplace party. :)