More Organized Mommy Journey for 2012

A few weeks ago, I posted on my Facebook Status that I wanted to own a 2012 Planner. Then a few minutes later, my youngest daughter’s godmother – Christine of Mommy Journey, sent me a private message that she will send me a Mom 24/7 Planner published by Mommy Mundo as a gift and I got super excited!!

Then after a few days, the planner finally arrived. Here is a snap shot of the cover…

Read the review done by Marz Chris about this planner at The Mom 24/7 Planner.

As for the planner, I really loved it. I have been out of the corporate world for almost four years now and getting this planner makes me want to organize myself again to prepare steps for more life changing goals.

Thank you so much Marz Chris!! I am so happy and very much appreciative of the kind gesture you have sent my way. Not only that but you have been kind and generous in so many ways especially for my daughter Bella Grace. And I am also thankful for the friendship you have offered to me all these years even though we have only met online and seen each other one time. Thank you so much and God bless you more abundantly!!

Marz Chris authors several blogs.You can visit her other blogs at Chris Chronicles, The Miscellaneous Me and Inspirational Insights.

6 thoughts on “More Organized Mommy Journey for 2012

  1. my dearest ruby, you are most welcome and i am blessed by your friendship as well! :) just passing on to you a blessing ive personally received :) God bless you and your family always!

  2. Just got my planner this year too but as a mom I think I love the planner that was being reviewed by your friend!:) Next year, I will get myself one!:)

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