The Generous Tottering Mama

One of the most generous people I know has the most unique name in my friends list at Facebook. Her name is Olga and she blogs at The Tottering Mama and Foodie Momster. Mommy Olga, as I fondly calls her, is a beautiful (inside and out) blogger from Manila whom I was privileged to have met last April 2011 during the PMC’s First EB at SM Megamall. She came with his husband and children. It was a great day meeting them all.

Last year, Mommy Olga sent me a Mother’s Day gift. It made me cry because it was the first time I received gifts during Mother’s Day from friends around. It was truly heartwarming. Then yesterday, she sent my kiddos gifts too. She gave my eldest daughter a cool black sexy blouse as a graduation gift and books for the boy and the little one. Aside from that, she sent me the Logos Hope Eco-bag!

Mommy Olga, thank you so much for sharing all your blessings to me and my family. I pray for a thousand-fold blessing to you and your family as well. Continue to be beautiful inside and out! You are one of a kind. God bless you so much!!

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