Tipsy Me Thankful Me

This is an overdue thank you post to a very astonishing and stylish young lady. She has been spoiling me for some time now by giving me the things that I desire but don’t have the budget to buy. She is an angel!! Who is this young lady? She is no other than the girlfriend of my cousin. Her name is Lannel and she blogs at Tipsy Me.

Lannel is not a fulltime blogger. She blogs with passion as her motivation but she is not far from the computer because she is a virtual assistant by profession but now, by God’s grace, she is already a team leader / project manager. You are blessed because you became a blessing.

Anyway, thank you so much Lanz for every gift you sent my way. Thank you so much for the make-up, the trinkets and the handbag (which she designer herself!) and most especially, thank you for the friendship you have given me and the thoughts of remembering me on your busiest days. God bless you more!!

2 thoughts on “Tipsy Me Thankful Me

  1. your gratitude is extraordinary momi rubz, expect more blessings momi because i learn that from you too, you have a giver heart in fact that’s the reason why people don’t hesitate to share you their blessings! Thank you for the Friendship momi and for imparting me the passion to blog! stay blessed!

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